5 ways of meditation

Following mentioned are the five most common types of mediation done by most of the people to reduce their stress and to bring life to their emotions.

  1. Guided meditation

This is the main type of mediation which is the most popular among people. It has been getting increased popularity in the passing years. Someone else leads you in the guided meditation. The lead could be through in person or through a voice recording too with the relaxing songs being played in the background. Guided mediations normally have the time span of 10-15 minutes but the time may vary depending upon the theme and situation. Normal styles include manifesting and healing. This style of mediation is mostly preferred by beginners who may need time to do it by themselves.

  1. Visualization meditation

For visual mediation, the following mentioned are some of the key practices:

  • Identify the planned outcomes of yours. For example, you must have thought about something in your mind, your feelings, your emotions, and other things. Whatever you like to envision, keep that thing in your mind and start visualizing.
  • Form an interpersonal representation in your mind regarding what it would look, feel and sound like. Try to make it real for you as much as possible.
  • This would then be the time for you to enter the mediation stage by taking some deep breathes and by relaxing. Then bring your feelings and thoughts into your imaginations. This will make a feeling for you as if whatever you have thought being in the state of mediation has really happened for you.
  • Mediation is done this way for 10-15 minutes each day in the guided form
  1. Mantra based or Japan mediation

It is one of the ancient forms of mediation which entails most of the classical techniques that are even famous now. Mantra means a mind instrument. This name basically refers to the mediation of mind where a person is gone through a focal point.

  1. Meta mediation or loving kindness mediation

Meta mediation is also called as loving kindness mediation and it is basically designed to cultivate the main qualities of love that are equanimity, friendliness, joy and compassion. With help of this mediation, a genuine compassion is sent out with the feel of surrounding oneself. Meta mediation is a well done practice which should be done everyday. This works on all the type of people for encouraging the sense of forgiveness in them.

  1. Breath awareness mediation

It is one of the simplest forms of mediation that needs you to be on a comfortable seat. Close your eyes and inhale and exhaling you breath deeply. It’s an effective way which one can follow to bring high levels of connectivity between mind and body. It helps in reducing the levels of stress. This type of mediation is also one of the most liked among all the other alternatives. It’s the best way for reducing all your home and work related stress. Thus practicing breath awareness mediation helps you spend a contented life.

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