How to Get Music In Spotify Playlists

Spotify is undoubtedly the number 1 spot for music lovers on the internet. If someone has a number of streams on Spotify playlist then it doesn’t mean that they have hundreds or thousands of followers on Spotify. But what are the ways to get your audio tracks into the playlist and how to do it? And how can you increase the number of followers with buying Spotify followers? Here are a few ways that we discuss here.

Types of Playlists:

There are three kinds of playlists on Spotify i.e. Spotify curated playlists, user-curated playlist, and algorithmically Generated Playlists.

1)   Spotify Curated Playlists

The first category is very famous that everyone knows i.e. ‘Spotify Curated Playlists’. On Spotify, people curated these playlists and they are considered as playlist editors. Some playlist editors curate the different type of music in terms of genre and mood such as country music, pop, workout, romantic and much more. Most of the big artists are music directors and DJs and get more Spotify streams.

2)   User Curated Playlists

Another category is user-curated playlists which are created by Spotify users. Anyone can create this playlist, label, blog or org on Spotify. According to Spotify, there are more than 2 billion playlists that are created by Spotify users. The big labels also curate their own playlists such as Filter by Sony. It is a great thing that you have your own Spotify playlists. It gives you a great feeling like you have your own radio station. If you have a number of playlists with more streams then you will feel that you are an owner of a radio network.

3)   Algorithmically Generated Playlists

The last category is called algorithmically generated playlists that are not created by the user at all. The Fresh finds Daily Mix and Discover weekly customize it on the basis of tastemaker accounts. When a user starts listening to an audio track months before it halts then the account of this user is checked as a tastemaker. When tastemaker listens to the same audio track of any artist at the same time then that track gets counted in the Fresh Finds playlist that has more than 500k followers. If you get the chance to include in this playlist then the odds are increases of getting thousands of Spotify plays in no time. You can buy Spotify followers to get included in it in short order.

HOW TO GET INCLUDED in playlists

Get Featured in Blogs

A lot of playlist editors on Spotify follow the Hype Machine charts after reading blogs. There are a lot of blogs that can help you to get included in the Fresh Finds playlist such as planes, pigeons, Indie Shuffle, Tiny Mix Tapes, Consequence of Sound and much more.

Pay for Play:

According to some reports that labels pay bucks of money to get a feature in big playlists. It is not illegal to pay for getting a feature in hot playlists because the playlist is not radio station technically. You can also buy Spotify followers and plays that help you to get included in big playlists.

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