StarCraft: Remastered cheats for PC


Remastered StarCraft Cheats

Like the original, StarCraft Remastered has tricks. In single player mode, type these commands and press ENTER to achieve the result.

  • show me the money:Earn 10,000 minerals and gas.

whats mine is mine: Earn 500 minerals of qnnit.

  • breathe deep:Gain 500 gas.
  • medieval man:All development skills.
  • modify the phase variance:Skip the tech tree and build whatever you want.
  • staying alive:Keep playing after winning.
  • ophelia:Activate mission selection.
  • noglues:The enemy cannot use psionic storm.
  • operation cwal:Builds faster.
  • the gathering:Abilities and spells don’t cost.
  • something for nothing:Upgrades don’t cost.
  • radio free zerg:Secret song of the Zerg (only playing with the Zerg).
  • game over man:Lose instantly.
  • there is no cow level:Win instantly.
  • power overwhelming:Invincible units.
  • war aint what it used to be:There is no fog of war.
  • food for thought:The maximum of 200 supplies goes up.
  • black sheep wall:Show the entire map.
  • protoss # (# = mission):Skip Protoss level.
  • terran # (# = mission):Jump Terran level.
  • zerg # (# = mission):Jump Zerg level.


Back to the original StarCraft

If you press F5 at any time, the graphics from the remastering will revert to those of the original boku no roblox remastered codes.


Top of Form

Bottom of Form

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